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Crossix Programmatic is a first-of-its-kind solution that helps programmatic media work more effectively for DTC marketers than ever before.



"Through Crossix's programmatic segments, we've helped our clients reach the right health audiences both effectively and efficiently. By using enhanced models to discover qualified health audiences, we can target hard-to-find populations and optimize our media strategies accordingly." 

Samantha Simoneaux, Associate Media Director, Good Apple

Good Apple Digital

Fueled by our advanced and HIPAA-compliant health data analytics, Crossix’s predictive audience segments are the most widely used and most accurate in the industry.  Crossix can offer clients tools to improve the efficiency of the programmatic media that they buy thanks to the unparalleled ability to connect health data to consumer data to reach highly-qualified online users.

With more than 300 category and brand audience segments, Crossix Programmatic enables brands to reach health audiences through their preferred publishers or programmatic channels. Crossix works with all major DSPs and DMPs, and we are constantly expanding our network of distribution partners.

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To ensure consistency in targeting across channels, brand marketers can leverage the same Crossix audience segments to plan their national tv buys and activate targeted tv campaigns.

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