Patient insights

Leveraging our unique capability to link patient-level health data with demographic, socioeconomic, and consumer data, Crossix can provide deep insights for key patient audiences.

Deep patient insights


Crossix Patient Profile™

Make more strategic decisions with deeper understanding of your target patients, however the target audience is defined.

The most effective DTC marketing strategies are developed and executed using deep patient and consumer insights. Crossix Patient Profile combines actual health profile and behavioral data with thousands of demographic, socio-economic, and consumer variables to offer holistic, action-oriented insights.

Using robust samples of thousands of patients, in-depth, HIPAA-compliant profiles are created to provide deep insights that effectively inform decisions about patient strategy, messaging, and tactical execution.


Crossix Patient Segmentation™

Identify, reach, and engage patient segments, in the most relevant way possible, based on connected health and behavioral data.

Because our data samples typically include tens of thousands of patients, Crossix Patient Segmentation delivers highly accurate insights that aren’t skewed by self-reported survey metrics.

Crossix Patient Segmentation analyses more holistically define what differentiates patients by connecting health data with defining interests, media consumption, and purchase behavior.


Crossix Adherence Analytics™

Healthcare brands invest millions of dollars to acquire new patients, but many lack a data-driven approach to ensure patient adherence. Crossix connects patient health, demographic, socio-economic, OTC, and consumer data to uncover the key drivers of patient adherence.

Crossix Adherence Analytics solutions help brands answer business-critical questions:
  • What are the factors that facilitate adherence that brands can build on with patients? What are the barriers brands can address?
  • What patients are most likely to have adherence challenges? When and where can they be targeted most effectively?
  • What are the most relevant tactics and messaging at different points in the patient journey?

Crossix Adherence Analytics enable targeted interventions with predictive analytics and precise, personalized communication strategies.


Crossix Patient Pathways

Develop a deeper understanding and a holistic view of brands' patients. By connecting health data to behavioral, consumer, and demographic data, brands can better understand what influences key actions along the patient pathway.

With Crossix Patient Pathways, brands can:
  • Identify trigger points along the patient journey
  • Leverage non-health data to better understand what influences treatment switching and adherence
  • Understand and implement the tactics that are most likely to influence health actions