HCP insights

Crossix enables brands to look beyond script-writing behavior to enable a deeper understanding of HCPs.

Go beyond prescription-writing behavior


Crossix HCP Profiles: Physician™

How can brands better understand HCPs as people?

Leveraging our unique ability to connect health and non-health data in a HIPAA-compliant way, HCP Profiles: Physician gives marketers a more holistic view of prescribers. The Crossix solution provides rich data at the HCP-level, of actual demographic, financial, and consumer data for key prescribers. Brands can use this data to better understand HCPs, in terms of their own demographic profile and consumer behavior.

HCP Profiles: Physician allows brands to segment their HCP audiences more effectively and can be used to inform both overall HCP marketing strategy and tactical execution.


Crossix HCP Profiles: Patient™

As consumers continue to take a more active role in their own healthcare, HCP prescribing behavior is driven by the demographic, health, and behavioral profiles of their patients. With Crossix HCP Profiles: Patient, brands can better engage HCPs by understanding the profile of the patients they treat.

Through HCP Profiles: Patient, Crossix creates a holistic picture of key patient audiences, down to the HCP level, to answer questions such as:

  • What is the socio-economic profile of an HCP’s patients?
  • Are their patients health engaged?
  • Do their patients use commercial insurance?
By providing a patient-centric view of HCPs, Crossix HCP Profiles: Patient provides actionable metrics to help brands customize their HCP messaging and targeting.  

Crossix HCP Connect™

HCP Connect is a revolutionary targeting solution that helps marketers improve personal and non-personal promotion efforts. Designed to complement existing target lists, HCP Connect helps marketers improve the overall efficacy of their marketing efforts.

Going beyond prescribing data alone, Crossix’s groundbreaking methodology connects physician data to predictive patient health behaviors to enhance HCP targeting and measurement. By providing a more holistic view of physicians, Crossix helps pharmaceutical brands achieve meaningful improvements in their personal and non-personal promotion targeting efforts by 15% or more.

Key Benefits:
  • Minimize waste and identify missed targets by overlaying predictive data about an HCP's patients' treatment behavior
  • Develop better HCP segmentation and messaging by gaining a better understanding of their patients
With HCP Connect, brands can move beyond what HCPs prescribed in the past to unlock hidden opportunities based on predictive patient data.