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DIFA matches media exposure to actual treatment, diagnosis, and clinical behavior to give brands an always-on view of campaign performance.



"These are exactly the types of metrics that will help me to optimize my campaigns. And it's even better that I will be able to access them online more quickly. The expanded insight this data brings will translate to increased client value." 

Tina Breithaupt, VP Media Services, Intouch Solutions

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Benefits for Marketers:

  • Rapidly answer business-critical questions
    • How do profiles of the people campaigns are reaching differ by publisher and advertising placement?
    • Are consumers visiting HCPs, getting appropriate tests and converting to brand after seeing the ad?
    • What is the total conversion impact of the campaign?
  • Connect digital campaign spending to business impact and ROI
  • Get answers faster: Optimize campaigns earlier and more effectively, both across and within publishers, thanks to weekly data updates powered by machine learning in a cloud-based platform
With the integration of Crossix Advanced Insights™, DIFA now uses machine learning to become smarter and more predictive about campaign performance, ensuring that advertisers can optimize their digital media earlier and more effectively than ever before.

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