Crossix DIFA Site™ - Go beyond traditional engagement metricsCrossix DIFA Site™

Go beyond traditional engagement metrics and understand the types of patients that visit your websites and the health actions they take after they leave.

Crossix DIFA Site - Link visitation to key health behaviors

DIFA Site is a cloud-based dashboard that allows brands to optimize their websites and search investments with insights based on patient treatment behavior. For the first time, paid and organic search traffic drivers are united and connected directly to patient action.


"Clients want deeper insights to better understand how and where to allocate their site and search investments. This solution makes it much easier to make informed, data-driven decisions with more confidence than ever before." 

Cam Bedford, SVP, Strategy & Analytics, Klick Health

Klick Health


Benefits for Marketers:

  • Compare the relative performance of media drivers, including social, and types of engagement
  • Make decisions about brand.com site content, empowered by data on actual treatment and post-visit actions
  • Optimize search investments by understanding the profile of audiences based on treatment, diagnosis, and clinical data
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