Crossix DIFA HCP Crossix DIFA HCP™

Crossix DIFA HCP is specifically designed to validate that digital campaigns are reaching the right healthcare professionals.

DIFA HCP - validate that digital campaigns are reaching the right HCPs


Get a comprehensive view of HCPs reached, as well as the profiles and actions taken by their patients, with the industry's first independent approach to HCP digital measurement and optimization.


Benefits for Marketers:

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of HCP campaign performance without relying on receiving data from publishers or media companies
  • Goes beyond traditional, partner-dependent, list-based measurement, which provides a limited view of campaign performance
  • Provides a unified view of HCPs reached – by Specialty, List Match, and Decile – along with the health profiles of the patients they treat
  • Visibility across HCP and consumer campaigns enables greater understanding of the overall performance of a campaign
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