Measure and have a deeper understanding of HCP website visitors and the impact on health outcomes with Crossix DIFA HCP Site™.

A smarter HCP measurement strategy

A smarter measurement strategy that identifies which HCPs are visiting brands' websites, what actions they are taking and how it is influencing prescribing behavior.


"We are always looking for deeper metrics that allow us to optimize our marketing and site development. DIFA HCP Site not only allows us to answer those questions on a single platform, the data is updated monthly allowing us to adjust our promotional plans." 

Erin Hutson, Digital Media Strategist at Butler/Till 


Benefits for Marketers:

  • Get a more comprehensive view of HCP website visitors in order to determine HCP audience quality and engagement insights
  • Measure and understand the impact of site visitation on HCP prescribing behavior
  • Complements existing web analytics solutions to optimize referral traffic and site content for maximum engagement and ROI
  • Data speed and accuracy enable brands to better gauge site effectiveness and make ongoing campaign optimizations
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