DIFA Platform

DIFATM Digital Measurement

Crossix DIFA™ is the leading platform for measuring and optimizing digital healthcare marketing. The industry’s most comprehensive health data set makes it possible for DIFA to provide unparalleled insights.

Marketers are 4x more likely to choose DIFA than any other analytics solution.

What sets DIFA apart is Crossix’s ability to connect data in ways, and at a level of granularity, no one else can. Since 2013, healthcare marketers have used DIFA to connect several hundred digital campaigns to health data and patient actions, like doctor visits, diagnoses, lab results, and prescription sales.
  • Crossix DIFA™

    Best-in-class reporting connects DTC video, mobile, and display campaigns to patient behavior

  • Crossix DIFA Site™

    Surpassing traditional metrics to understand visitor behavior and optimize brand.com sites and traffic-drivers, including paid search

  • Crossix DIFA HCP™

    First-of-its-kind HCP video, mobile, and display campaign insights

  • Crossix DIFA HCP Site™

    Innovative solution to better understand the effectiveness of HCP-directed websites