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We know you need each campaign to be as impactful as possible. Our breakthrough solutions help you do just that. The advanced analytics we provide helps improve campaign performance online, on TV, at the Point of Care, and beyond. Our data and analytics help you identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns, early and often.


Do you have the deepest data about digital performance?

When digital marketing is a crucial part of your toolkit, you need timely and accurate information to understand campaign performance, and you want meaningful insights that go beyond clicks. Our solutions tell you exactly what you need to know — from audience reach and conversion impact to ROI — so you can get the most out of your campaign.

Crossix provides timely and accurate digital marketing information
  • Digital Media Optimization for Agencies

    DIFA™ links real-time digital campaign exposure to patient journey and script metrics, empowering your agency to optimize campaigns

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  • Programmatic Audience Targeting

    Digital Connect™ enables you to reach likely-to-treat consumers online

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  • Website Analytics

    DIFA Site™ enhances traditional site measurement by analyzing visitors' health actions

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Want to go beyond demo and geo targeting?

With Crossix, you can. By using unparalleled analytics, we can help you to reach your brand’s most relevant audiences, give you insights to optimize campaigns in near real time, and accurately measure performance.

Television marketing for pharmaceutical companies
  • National TV Planning, Measurement & Optimization

    AdVantics™ Rx is a cloud-based tool that helps monitor and optimize your national TV audience reach

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  • Addressable TV Targeting

    TV Connect™ enables you to target likely-to-treat viewers via addressable and zone-level TV media

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  • TV Measurement

    TV Impact™ measures how TV campaigns impact health behaviors

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Looking for a patient-centric approach to POC analytics?

Patients in a doctor’s office or pharmacy are unique. They’re farther along in their patient journey, so they may be more open to your messages and acting upon the information they receive. Reach your target customers with significantly greater accuracy and detect the true impact of your marketing efforts.

Point of Care analytics
  • POC Measurement

    POC Impact™ links Point of Care efforts to healthcare behavior

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Is your physician-focused marketing as powerful as it can be?

We can help you reach the healthcare professionals (HCPs) who really deliver for your brand. Crossix provides powerful insights that go beyond physician prescribing behavior, to identify physicians’ respective patients’ likelihood to treat with your brand. Our offerings are designed to complement existing targeting and measurement, giving you the ability to get more from your HCP call list and to understand which campaigns are most effective.

Personal & Non-Personal HCP Promotion
  • HCP Digital Media Optimization

    DIFA HCP™ validates impact of HCP-focused media

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  • HCP Programmatic

    HCP Programmatic™ enables marketers to reach HCPs across the full digital spectrum at scale

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  • HCP Measurement

    HCP Impact measures the impact of HCP personal and non-personal promotion faster and more granularly

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Patient Savings Offers

Are you keeping up with how you and your competitors’
offers are performing?

To stay ahead, your brand needs advanced market intelligence. Our solutions not only help you understand the marketplace, but also how your program is faring. And if your strategy changes—because of a product launch or loss of exclusivity—we can help you plan an offer that will give your brand the edge.

Patient savings offers
  • Savings Offer Measurement

    Rx Offer Impact™ measures your savings offer’s impact on conversion and adherence

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  • Market Intelligence for Savings Offers

    Rx Offer Market Intelligence™ is a cloud-based tool that helps you understand and monitor competitive offer performance

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How can you be confident that your campaign is driving sales?

Our privacy-safe methodology matches subscriber lists to healthcare behavior data. This lets you understand treatment profiles of the audiences you’re reaching, measure campaign exposure, and maximize results.

Print marketing for pharmaceutical companies
  • Print Measurement

    Print Impact™ links print ad exposure to health behavior

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Is your consumer database giving you the most comprehensive view?

Our solution identifies the treatment composition of your opted–in consumers, while calculating your program’s influence on patient conversion and adherence. In other words, you can know more about your key consumers than ever before and cater your communications based on that knowledge.

Customer relationship management
  • CRM Measurement

    CRM Impact™ measures and supports optimization of your CRM program performance

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  • Consumer Database Propensity Scoring

    Consumer Database Scoring powers CRM programs with audience propensity-to-treat segmentation

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What if you could make every channel work better together?

Understanding your audience and campaign impact in every way possible gives your marketing the ultimate edge. Our insightful analytics provide clear audience perspective across all channels and powers the planning, optimization and measurement of your campaigns. We’ll help you drive ROI in all aspects of your marketing.

Multi/Cross-Channel analytics
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