Blog: July 18, 2018

Do You Know Where Your Audience Synergies Are?

By Shannon Gallagher, VP, Analytics Services, Crossix 
Today, there are more ways than ever for health marketers to reach patients. Most brands use a robust cross-channel marketing approach, designed to intercept consumers at different points along the patient journey via broadcast, digital, print, and point-of-care (POC). But too many brands rely on modeled impact and historical trends to determine how each channel works in concert to reach target audiences and fulfill brand objectives.
By effectively leveraging third-party measurement solutions, pharmaceutical brands can gain a more holistic view of cross-channel campaigns and their impact on new prescriptions and adherence. Across hundreds of measurement studies in numerous condition categories, we’ve seen how important it is to understand the balance between channels at an audience level to drive maximum ROI.

Case Study

Last year, Crossix worked with a pharmaceutical brand to measure the audience overlap and conversion rates from their multi-channel DTC campaign. Crossix analyzed audience exposure linked to consumer health data to identify synergies, deficiencies, and drivers of new patient starts and ROI.
Crossix used a 3-step approach to generate these insights:
  1. Determined the overlap of the brand's digital, print, and point-of-care advertising using audience-level exposure data
  2. Matched the respective audience exposures to Crossix’s Distributed Data Network to measure conversion to brand at the person-level
  3. Quantified the incremental benefit of each media channel and overlap audience (vs. non-exposed control groups) and calculated the ROI for each channel combination

The Synergistic Effect of Multi-Channel Media

Reaching consumers across multiple channels substantially increased the rate of new prescriptions. In fact, the audience exposed to more than one channel accounted for only 2% of exposed audience, but 7% of new patient starts.

But what was the specific mix that drove the most conversions? Not unexpectedly, those who were exposed to a mass awareness channel and POC had net conversion rates significantly higher than POC alone.

POC media served as a multiplier when overlapped with other mass media, such as print or digital.
As a result of these findings, our client increased their media investments overall, with the goal of reaching more of their target patients across at least two channels.
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