Rx Offer Market Intelligence™ Market Intelligence for Savings Offers


Ideal for:
  • Pharmaceutical companies/brands
  • Offer vendors

Get to know your Rx offer market

When evaluating patient savings offers, it helps to see the bigger picture. That’s why we created Rx Offer Market Intelligence (ROMI). It’s the first-ever syndicated solution that uses real Rx data to compare your offer program’s utilization to that of your competitors – across all major condition categories. You not only get a deeper understanding of your competitors’ offerings, but how they impact (or are impacted by) market-wide trends.

Key Advantages:
  • Understand how your offer program performs, relative to your competition’s
  • Determine how changing market conditions – like loss of exclusivity or new product launches – impact your and your competition’s offer programs
  • Identify competitive advantages and opportunities to optimize your offer programs
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