HCP Connect™ crossix programmatic hcp™

Crossix Programmatic HCP helps brands reach the right healthcare professionals, at scale, in a cost-efficient way.



"HCP targeting has had its challenges in the past, but now we can confidently expand our HCP reach beyond just endemic websites and email campaigns to engage the right HCPs more effectively and efficiently." 

Matt Nespoli, Associate Media Director, Good Apple


Traditional methods of targeting HCPs limit scale, using email lists or relying on HCP-focused websites. Crossix Programmatic HCP addresses these issues and provides an unparalleled ability to reach relevant HCPs, including specialists and target list prescribers, across the digital landscape.

With Crossix Programmatic HCP, pharmaceutical marketers can serve media to target HCPs wherever they are—on both professional and consumer sites—and reach them across their many personal and professional devices.