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Today, the healthcare industry moves faster than ever. To make effective decisions, you need insights based on evidence. Powered by deep data analytics, our business and marketing solutions help you take on the challenges ahead—from advanced audience targeting to multichannel measurement and more.



Do you have the insights you need to effectively plan your media and marketing campaigns?

Crossix Intelligence solutions are designed to identify the right media inventory to reach audiences more efficiently. They reveal more than ever before — about your target audience, your competitors’ customers, and condition-specific market dynamics. With data-driven tools, like patient profiles based on real health behavior, you can plan and execute smarter, more effective campaigns.

Advantics TM Rx - National TV Planning, Measurement and Optimization for pharmaceutical companies
National TV Planning, Measurement & Optimization

AdVantics™ Rx is a revolutionary TV planning tool for healthcare advertisers. Optimize your media to zero in on likely-to-treat viewers, beyond just demo/geo attributes

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  • Data-driven Consumer Profiles

    Patient Profile™ provides deeper and richer audience profiles

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  • Market Trends, Adherence Analysis & Insights

    MarketView™ provides condition-specific market trends, adherence analysis and insights

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  • Marketing Benchmarks

    RxMarketMetrics™ allows you to compare your campaign performance to industry performance benchmarks

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Do you have the deepest data about your target audiences and campaigns?

Your audiences are out there, but finding them requires smarter strategies. Crossix Connect solutions can help. Using consumer information and relevant treatment data, we go beyond conventional demographic and geographic targeting to help you reach the most qualified audience more efficiently, minimizing waste and stretching media budgets further. And we help you do it across channels.

Crossix Programmatic™ - buy digital media programmatically
Programmatic Audience Targeting

Crossix Programmatic™ enables you to buy digital media programmatically. Reach likely-to-treat consumers based on predictive modeling and health behavioral data.

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  • Addressable TV Targeting

    TV Connect™ enables you to target likely-to-treat viewers via addressable and zone-level TV media

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  • National TV Planning, Measurement & Optimization

    AdVantics™ Rx is a cloud-based tool used to monitor and optimize your national TV audience reach

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  • Crossix Programmatic HCP™

    Crossix Programmatic HCP™ enables marketers to reach HCPs across the full digital spectrum at scale

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Multi-Channel Measurement

Healthcare marketers want to know: “How does my campaign affect patient behavior?” We have the answer. Our Crossix Impact solutions leverage real Rx data, so you can measure campaign impact on key criteria, like brand conversion and adherence. Plus, you get actionable insights that help you optimize your efforts –– and your ROI.

Digital Impact for Agencies TM
Digital Media Optimization

DIFA™ is the only proven agency tool that links digital campaign exposure to health behavior and patient journey metrics, including Rx/OTC sales & ROI

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  • Digital Media Optimization for HCP Campaigns

    DIFA HCP™ validates impact of HCP-focused media

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  • Website Analytics

    DIFA Site™ enhances traditional site measurement by analyzing visitors' health actions

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  • National TV Planning, Measurement & Optimization

    AdVantics™ Rx is a cloud-based tool used to monitor and optimize your national TV audience reach

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Savings offer Program optimization

Patient savings offers are a powerful way to relieve cost burdens for your customers. What you may not know? Whether yours is reaching its full potential. Find out with the Crossix Savings Offer Optimization suite of solutions. These solutions let you monitor performance and benchmark your program against competitors’, so you can deliver more value than ever before.

Rx Offer Impact TM
Savings Offer Measurement

Rx Offer Impact™ is a cloud-based tool that helps you understand and monitor your savings offer’s competitive market

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  • Market Intelligence for Savings Offers

    Rx Offer Market Intelligence™ is a cloud-based tool that helps you understand and monitor competitive offer performance

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Imagine having a 360-degree view of your populations exposed to your marketing—across health, demographic, geographic and campaign-engagement attributes. This is what Crossix Now delivers. It centralizes your client/partner data feeds in one cloud-based platform, so you can score databases in real time, create more effective segment-driven experiences, and more.

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Crossix Now TM Enterprise Empowerment

Customized Solutions

Have an unmet business need? Let’s tackle it together. We routinely partner with healthcare companies to find effective solutions to a broad range of challenges, from risk assessment to retail sales analysis to enterprise planning and more.

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