DIFA Site™

Powered by the cloud-based DIFA™ platform, DIFA Site is a first-of-its-kind website measurement solution that complements & enhances traditional analytics by connecting website activity to post-visitation health behavior

Link visitation to key health behaviors

What it is & what it measures:
  • An innovative site measurement solution that measures audience treatment behaviors, including doctor visitation, conversion, and adherence
  • Updated monthly to enable timely decisions
  • Integrated with your existing web analytics, tags, and tools to provide a more holistic view of site performance
  • Allows you to better understand the quality of the audience visiting the site through different search drivers and the respective impact on patient behaviors
  • Answers vital questions brands need answered:
    • Who is coming to my site?
    • What are they doing after they leave the site?
    • How do these two answers differ by media driver (incl. search) and engagement type?

Sample Insights

Doctor Visitation by Referral Source

  DIFA Site Screenshot
Conversion to Brand by Engagement Type

  DIFA Site Screenshot2

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