TV Connect™Targeted TV


If you would answer "Yes" to any of the following questions...then TV Connect is right for you!


Breakthrough audience targeting for TV media
From its traditional focus on ratings and share to a Big Data-driven, audience-fueled approach, TV advertising is changing. TV Connect is a groundbreaking addressable TV solution:
  • Better target TV audiences using predictive health data
  • Identify audiences more likely to treat within relevant conditions or with relevant brands
  • Accurately measure and optimize your TV campaigns while in market
  • Reach the most relevant and receptive audiences within national TV subscriber base

Key Advantages: Address key business challenges with respect to maximizing the efficiency and evaluating the impact of your TV media buy
  • SCALE - Partnerships allow for larger household samples, crucial for measuring pharma campaigns
  • LEARN - Design tests for specific learnings about the impact of propensity targeting and optimal media weights & frequency
  • INTEGRATE - Create and measure integrated campaigns including digital, video on demand (VOD), and more
  • VALIDATE - Accurate analyses that leverage actual Rx data to measure only households exposed to the campaign

How the Solution Works
Smarter audience targeting is imperative. New technologies and predictive consumer data make it possible.
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