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Reach the right digital audience more efficiently than ever before

Traditional demo and geo approaches aim to reach small, relevant audiences by serving media to large groups, which invariably leads to media $$$ waste. And contextual targeting approaches are difficult to scale efficiently.

Crossix has a suite of programmatic offerings to reach the right audiences across the full digital media landscape, including:

Crossix Programmatic™ is a first-of-its kind programmatic media solution that resolves these targeting challenges for healthcare marketers. Fueled by our advanced and HIPAA-compliant health data analytics, Crossix's innovative health treatment models ensure that you reach the relevant audience on a scalable 1:1 basis. 

As an enhancement to Crossix Programmatic™, Crossix offers Audience Fusion™, a next-level targeting approach that combines health and non-health data with a marketer's HCP target list to reach qualified consumer audiences even more precisely and at scale. Learn more
Discover our programmatic solutions for reaching HCPs at scale across the full digital landscape here.
Crossix Programmatic™ is also available for OTC and CPG brands looking to reach targeted health consumers. Learn more





  • Over 130 category-specific segments help reach people likely to treat within condition categories
  • Over 90 brand-specific segments enable you to target likely users of your brand and/or competitor's brands
  • Custom segments can be developed for client's specific or nuanced audience needs
  • OTC segments can be developed for client's specific or nuanced audience needs
  • 60+ integrated DSPs, DMPs and publishers allow more efficient targeting and media versatility
  • Segments can be leveraged beyond digital to enhance targeting for TV, POC, CRM and other campaigns

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