National TV Planning, Measurement & Optimization


Innovative TV optimization from Nielsen Catalina Solutions and Crossix designed to help you reach the right health audiences by:
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Maximizing Reach
  • Making Informed Campaign Decisions
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Key Advantages:
  • Determine which parts of your national TV campaign are performing well and which parts are performing poorly
  • Identify opportunities to adjust campaign to improve audience reach and drive incremental Rx or OTC sales
  • Reach patients who are likely to treat on brand or in category based on actual health data, rather than surveys
  • Make more informed campaign decisions with granular insights at the network, program, and daypart levels
  • Enjoy on-demand access to data sets through an interactive platform, plus the ability to track past and current campaigns
  • Leverage the most extensive, nationally representative and widely accepted TV data set (Nielsen)

Audience Reach Planning & Optimization:
Target your TV campaign to more qualified audiences relevant for your brand and condition category by selecting the networks, programs, and dayparts based on Rx treatment indices. Use data to measure audience reach prior to, during or post-campaign, and make ongoing adjustments to optimize effectiveness and reduce media waste.
Case Study: Driving Greater Efficiency Through Campaign Optimization

Brand X improved its campaign's audience treatment index, driving meaningful improvement in campaign reach.