Digital Media Optimization

Crossix DIFA™

Powerful health campaign measurement and optimization — at your fingertips, in the cloud.

Specifically designed for agencies serving healthcare clients, Crossix DIFA™ is an innovative, cloud-based analytics platform that enables ongoing optimization of client campaigns using actual treatment behavior. For the first time, agencies can go beyond traditional metrics like clicks and brand site visits, which attribute value to a very small portion of the audience exposed to a campaign, to measure more meaningful success metrics at the overall campaign level and by publisher, including:

  • Treatment profile of audience exposed (% treating by condition, % treating on advertised brand)
  • Doctor & specialist visitation that results from campaign exposure
  • Incremental Rx or OTC sales (compared to a control group)
  • ROI
With the integration of Crossix Advanced Insights™, DIFA now uses machine learning to become smarter and more predictive about campaign performance, ensuring that advertisers can optimize their digital media earlier and more effectively than ever before.
In addition to optimizing display, video, and mobile campaigns, advertisers use the DIFA platform to measure their site, search, and HCP campaigns.

Note: Metrics can be customized based on client request.

In response to client demand, and on the heels of Crossix's largest-ever expansion of connected health data, Crossix has completed a series of enhancements, including:


  • Expanded clinical data sets including diagnosis, lab results, and electronic health records (EHR) for a more complete view of the patient journey, in addition to category and brand treatment data
  • Placement-level optimization to drive ongoing optimization decisions by specific ad placement
  • Additional demographic data for both individuals and households
  • State-level geo data now available
  • Website & search analyses provide best-in-class measurement of brand websites (DIFA Site™) and search campaigns (DIFA Search™) for a more holistic, cross-channel view of digital performance

"For the first time ever, my pharma client is able to see, in real time, key Rx-based performance metrics based off their video media campaign. DIFA is an extremely powerful tool, both for campaign optimization and for setting digital ROI." 

- Lauren Jacobson, Director of Digital Investment, Initiative

"Our clients already depend on the insights that DIFA provides. But now with these expanded metrics, we can unlock brand new campaign insights and really dig into a campaign to assess which elements are performing best and optimize accordingly." 

- Jacob Lustig, VP, Media Innovations at Klick Health


Case Study: A Deeper Look at the Patient Journey
Using our expanded health data set, Crossix can now tie media exposure to anonymized clinical health information like lab test results and electronic health records. 

Our analysis for a Type 2 Diabetes treatment found that exposure to digital ads prompted more frequent doctor visits and A1C testing for patients. See our case study about the expanded patient journey from our recent presentation at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Health & Wellness event.
Key Benefits:
  • Flexible methodology based on actual health data, accurately matched to online cookies or the opted-in Crossix panel representative of the U.S. population — no imprecise survey data
  • Easy-to-use interface with data visualizations that allow for filtering by time period, publisher, publisher type, and other dimensions
  • Timely results enable early- and mid-campaign optimization
  • Proactive, hands-on client service from Crossix team of experts to help you understand the data and utilize it effectively
  • HIPAA-compliant methodology preserves consumer/patient privacy