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Crossix Launches DIFA HCP™ to Enable Enhanced Measurement Across the Full HCP Digital Media Landscape

Innovative solution extends beyond traditional approaches to empower marketers to validate the impact of digital healthcare professional campaigns 

NEW YORK, NY – September 14, 2017 – Crossix announced today that it has expanded its DIFA™ measurement platform to encompass healthcare professional (HCP) digital campaigns in addition to direct-to-consumer, site, and search campaigns. Healthcare brands and agencies can now measure and validate that their display, mobile, and video campaigns are reaching their target HCPs and driving impact. 

“Crossix’s DIFA platform has played an instrumental role in helping us improve optimization of our clients’ consumer digital campaigns for maximum return. We can now evaluate non-endemic programmatic media programs and reach HCPs across multiple devices—even when HCP-level reporting is not provided by the publisher—while adhering to our guiding principles of media accountability, media impact, and ROI.”
- Jacob Lustig, VP, Media Platforms and Attribution at Klick Health

Leading healthcare marketers have depended on DIFA for over 4 years, leveraging its data to optimize over 100 campaigns and more than 25 billion media impressions. Previously, marketers could only rely on self-reported exposure data from HCP publishers. With the extension of programmatic buying to HCPs, clients can now collect exposure data for all partners on the media plans. Powered by the Crossix HCP Match Graph, DIFA HCP is designed to complement and enhance existing HCP analyses, offering detailed insights across digital channels for the full exposed audience. Additionally, marketers can also connect HCP data with DIFA consumer media analytics for a more complete picture of their overall digital marketing initiatives.  

DIFA HCP provides brands and agencies with non-biased verification of how their HCP campaigns are performing across the full digital landscape. DIFA HCP verifies whether each media source within a campaign is reaching professionals on an advertiser’s target list and evaluates the overall ROI for each campaign, based on connecting HCP exposure to their patients’ treatment behavior.

“Crossix is all about developing solutions that push the industry forward, and with DIFA HCP, we are doing just that. Used as a supplement to existing publisher analyses, DIFA HCP offers marketers independent, third-party verification that their campaigns are reaching the intended target and driving meaningful impact across traditional and emerging media options.”
- Dan Stein, SVP, Analytics Services & Product Strategy at Crossix

While other companies measure a portion of the many professional devices an HCP uses, Crossix captures more types of data to deliver a comprehensive view of the HCPs reached, as well as the profile and actions taken by those HCPs’ patients. In addition, DIFA HCP:
  • Provides more timely reporting through a best-in-class, cloud-based, interactive dashboard
  • Measures campaigns at the device, publisher, and ad placement group levels
  • Allows brands to overlay personal and non-personal promotion information

For more information, please visit www.crossix.com/DIFA-HCP

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