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Crossix Extends Its Proven Analytics Solutions to Physician Initiatives

Expanded solutions driven by predictive data and patient insights are already revolutionizing the way marketers optimize physician-focused efforts

NEW YORK, NY – March 18, 2015 – Crossix Solutions, the leader in healthcare marketing analytics, has announced the expansion of its proven analytics offerings to programs focused on healthcare professionals (HCPs). Going beyond prescribing data (NRx/TRx) alone, Crossix’s groundbreaking methodology connects physician data to actual and predictive patient health behaviors to enhance HCP targeting and measurement. By providing this more holistic view of physicians, Crossix has already helped pharmaceutical brands achieve meaningful improvements in their personal and non-personal promotion targeting efforts, by 15% or more.

“The key is moving from what happened in the past to what will likely happen in the future,” said Asaf Evenhaim, CEO and co-founder of Crossix. “We go way beyond looking at HCP prescribing data, by taking a people-centric focus, which has resonated really well with our clients.”

Leveraging its proprietary, HIPAA-compliant data platform, Crossix HCP Connect™ is designed to complement, not replace, existing targeting efforts.

“The fact that it is now possible to target physicians based not just on prescribing data, but rather through deeper, predictive patient data is incredibly innovative. We're excited to discover just how much further we can take our HCP efforts.”
- Angelo Campano, Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics & Consulting at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

HCP Connect drives greater efficiency and impact of HCP efforts in these key ways:

  • Minimizes waste and identifies missed targets by overlaying predictive data about an HCP's patients' likely treatment behavior
  • Informs more relevant HCP segmentation and messaging by creating a better understanding of their actual patients, across hundreds of different attributes
  • Identifies the most effective ways to reach a physician by evaluating his/her media channel preference and receptiveness

“I'm not interested in solutions that are solely focused on what happened in the past. Our clients demand a better approach. We use predictive analytics combined with contextual data to inform the 'why,' which collectively inform the targeting, messaging, and content strategies.”
- Mark Miller, SVP Healthcare Portfolio Lead at Epsilon

To learn more about Crossix HCP Connect, visit http://crossix.com/Solutions/hcp-connect.aspx

About Crossix Solutions

Crossix partners with leading healthcare and media companies to plan, measure and optimize their marketing and communication initiatives. With deep consumer and healthcare professional (HCP) expertise, Crossix delivers hard-to-come-by audience and campaign insights to inform strategic business decisions and drive improved patient outcomes. Data-driven and data-proven, the patented Crossix methodology and differentiated technology enable critical connections across its proprietary data network of Rx, OTC, medical, clinical, media and consumer data to ensure more actionable cross-channel measurement with best-in-class privacy safeguards far exceeding HIPAA requirements. The unique Crossix technology aggregates insights from across the data network to pinpoint marketing initiatives that activate the right audiences and generate incremental impact. Founded in 2004, Crossix is headquartered in New York City.