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  • DigiPharma Connect – February 25-27, 2019 (New Orleans, LA)
  • ePharma – March 19-21, 2019 (New York, NY)
  • DTC National – April 16-18, 2019 (Boston, MA)
  • PMSA – April 14-17, 2019 (San Diego, CA)
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  • Ai4 Healthcare Conference – November 12-13, 2018 (New York, NY)

    Session Title: AI in Healthcare Marketing: A New Data Frontier

    Speaker: Sara Aby, PhD, Senior Data Scientist, Crossix

    Promising clinical applications of AI and machine learning in healthcare have made global headlines. Behind the scenes, data scientists are also tackling operational issues like how to use AI to optimize pharma budgets. In this presentation, Sara Aby, PhD, will discuss the opportunities and potential that AI brings to healthcare marketers. A case study will highlight how AI was used to develop predictive models that precisely identified more of a brand’s target consumer audience, which resulted in significant sales lift for a prescription brand.

  • MM&M Webinar – November 7, 2018 (Online)
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    Unifying Your Audience for Bigger Campaign Impact

    Shannon Gallagher, VP, Analytics Services, Crossix
    Laura Glotzbach, President, LGS Marketing Services
    Benjamin Assour, SVP, Strategy, Healix

    As campaigns become more complex, healthcare marketers are looking to better understand how different media channels work together to reach and influence their target audiences.

    To optimize media spend, trailblazers are moving beyond the traditional marketing mix and opting for a unified audience approach – using data to define a consistent customer currency across channels to better plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns. While a common practice in other industries, privacy restrictions make audience unification more challenging to execute for healthcare marketers.

    Join our speakers as they discuss the key principles to implementing a successful audience unification strategy.

  • Digital Pharma East – October 16-19, 2018 (New York, NY)

    Oct 18 @ 9:10am
    Audience Unification: Improving Targeting and Consolidating Messaging

    Speaker: Matt Walsh, Director, Industry Solutions, Crossix

    Customer segmentation is an important part of pharma teams’ toolkits for communicating with patients effectively. By linking health data, consumer data, and patients’ HCP data, marketers can create a complete picture of their target audience, allowing them to reach relevant patients with complementary messaging wherever they consume media. In this presentation, Crossix will present a case study illustrating the benefits of a person-level data approach, including

    - Building robust customer segments
    - Consolidating marketing efforts across channels
    - Measuring campaign effectiveness and synergies across all channels

  • DTC Forum on TV & Print – October 10, 2018 (Jersey City, NJ)

    Multichannel Attribution

    Adam Dubrow, Director, Advanced Analytics

  • NYCHBL Panel – October 3, 2018 (New York, NY)
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    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: How Will They Improve Patient Care?

    Lori Evans Bernstein, Co-Founder, HealthReveal
    Emmanuel Fombu, MD, MBA, Director, Digital Health Solutions, Novartis
    Whitney Kemper, VP, Analytics Products, Crossix
    Yvonne W. Lui, MD, Associate Chair, Artificial Intelligence, Department of Radiology, NYU School of Medicine

  • AdWeek Webinar – September 20, 2018 (Online)
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    Reach Wellness-Focused Customers: Use Health Data to Improve Your Campaign Targeting

    Health and wellness seems to be on everybody’s mind these days. But as people engage in a more health-aware lifestyle, what are brands doing to engage these consumers in a personalized but privacy-safe way? Many of today’s most innovative marketers are incorporating health information into their data-driving advertising programs in order to better target across channels with timely and appropriate offers and information.

    Hear from experts at Crossix for best practices for privacy-safe audience targeting and campaign measurement across display, audio, video and mobile. You’ll learn about:

    - Different targeting methods and what makes the most sense for health brands
    - Industry challenges and how to overcome them
    - How to use health data to better understand and target key consumers

  • DHC East Coast Summit – May 22, 2018 (Bridgewater, NJ)

    Digital HCP Campaign Measurement
    Crossix Speaker: Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy

  • POC3 – May 10, 2018 (New York, NY)

    Panel Discussion: Campaign Measurement & Point-of-Care
    Crossix Panelist: Jeremy Mittler – VP, Industry Solutions

  • PMSA – April 29-May 3, 2018 (San Antonio, TX)

    Conference Tutorial: The Fundamentals and Progression of Digital Analytics in Healthcare
    Sunday, April 29 @ 1:00pm
    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions
    Alina Levin – Senior Director, Crossix Solutions

    Track A: Closing the Loop: Leveraging Behavioral Data for More Effective Patient Segmentation
    Tuesday, May 1 @ 1:45pm
    Adam Dubrow – Crossix Solutions
    Mark Schulman – Crossix Solutions

    Track A: Just What the Doctor Ordered: Robust Insights to Fuel HCP Digital Campaign Measurement
    Tuesday, May 1 @ 2:30pm
    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions

    Poster: (Case Study) Incremental Modeling Benefit for Predicting Consumer Diabetes Conditions
    Duncan Clegg, PhD – Product Operations Manager, Crossix Solutions

    Poster: Measuring the Synergy and Impact of Cross-Channel DTC Campaign Promotions
    Adam Dubrow – Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics, Crossix Solutions

  • DTC National – April 18-20, 2018 (Boston, MA)

    Session Title: Addressable TV Comes of Age for Pharma

    Shannon Gallagher – VP, Analytics Services, Crossix Solutions
    Brian Cordes – Director, Client Solutions, AT&T AdWorks

    There has been increased investment in addressable TV for pharma marketers, resulting in new technological capabilities across platforms. The new capabilities have been proven through measurement and validation as a legitimate way for pharma marketers to reach qualified audiences on TV. It is imperative that brands build comprehensive, actionable audience profiles to fuel the optimization of their addressable TV campaigns. This session will share a case study detailing how a brand leveraged methodology that employs modeled patient data, instead of just demo and geo targeting, to validate addressable TV, reaching qualified audiences and driving impact.

  • ePharma – March 21-23, 2018 (New York, NY)

    Session Title: The Doctor (Data) Is In: Lessons Learned About Digital HCP Campaign Measurement

    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions
    Laura Glotzbach – President, LGS Marketing Services
    Deb Nevins – Senior Associate Director, NPP Lead, Jardiance Brand Team, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

    The current digital landscape allows agencies and brands to reach healthcare professionals (HCPs) across a variety of display, mobile, and video platforms via both professional and personal devices. Join Crossix and our agency partner as we discuss the evolution of HCP measurement and share real-world results from optimized HCP campaigns conducted in Q4 2017.

  • MM&M Webinar – March 6, 2018 (Online)
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    Session Title - The Rules Have Changed: How Big Data is Redefining Precision Marketing for the Health Industry

    Sarah Caldwell – VP, Analytics Services, Crossix Solutions
    Erin Sebal – Director, Global Customer & Brand Insights, Merck & Co.
    Destry Sulkes – Chief data Officer, WPP Health & Wellness
    Ziv Yaar – Partner, McKinsey & Company

    With the unprecedented amount of audience data now available, pharma marketers have new opportunities to leverage it to enhance their campaign strategies. From redefining segmentation approaches all the way to integrating precise measures of success, companies have the power to reach, engage, and analyze audiences like never before. While this data is an asset, challenges remain, including learning how to analyze and use it to influence marketing decisions.


  • Digital Pharma East – October 3-6, 2017 (Philadelphia, PA)

    Session Title – Using Data to Optimize HCP Campaigns

    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions

    With the proliferation of digital media, agencies and brands can now reach HCPs across a variety of display, mobile, and video platforms via both professional and personal devices. This reality demands a smarter measurement strategy that identifies the full impact of HCP advertising across the digital landscape. Join Crossix as we explore how healthcare brands and agencies are successfully using innovative, data-driven approaches to optimize their HCP-focused digital campaigns.

  • Digital Health Coalition Midwest Summit – September 26, 2017 (Deerfield, IL)

    Session Title – Challenges & Solutions for HCP Digital Measurement

    Nina Kirshenbaum – Senior Director, Analytics Services, Crossix Solutions

    The industry has moved well beyond measurement based on the traditional territory of gated healthcare professional (HCP)-focused websites. In the past, HCP digital measurement has been partner-dependent and list-based with metrics across only a portion of the overall campaign and devices used. However, agencies and brands can now reach and engage HCPs across a broad variety of display, mobile & video platforms, via both their professional & personal devices. This reality demands a smarter measurement strategy that identifies the impact of HCP advertising across the full digital landscape. In this session, Nina will discuss the more recent measurement approaches that have emerged to help marketers optimize their HCP campaigns.

  • ARF Health & Wellness – August 8, 2017 (New York, NY)

    Session Title: The Impact of DTC Advertising on the Patient Journey

    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions

    Ira Haimowitz, VP, Product Strategy at Crossix Solutions, will demonstrate the impact of DTC advertising on patient outcomes. In this meta-analysis of multiple diabetes campaigns, Crossix will show that patients exposed to DTC campaigns are being diagnosed, filling prescriptions, and getting follow-up testing at a much higher rate than the baseline population. Our groundbreaking methodology ties clinical data to media exposure, providing a deeper understanding of the nuances of the patient journey. Using EHR data such as lab tests, diagnoses and doctor’s notes, Crossix can help brands understand not just whether a patient started on treatment and stayed adherent, but why.

  • ARF: Audience Measurement – June 12-13, 2017 (Jersey City, NJ)

    Session Title: Who Are you Really Reaching With Your Digital Campaign?

    Whitney Kemper – Senior Director, Analytics Products, Crossix Solutions
    Kaitie Coghlan – Head of Customer Success, Data Partnerships, LiveRamp

    Digital marketers traditionally measure reach leveraging ad server reach metrics, which match exposure data to cookies and devices. But in the multi-device world we now live in, this approach is problematic and obscures the truth. 

    Connecting exposure data to actual people, not devices, is what really matters. It's important to understand the unique individuals reached to avoid overstating performance, and then qualify those reached based on key attributes and behaviors. Through our extensive research, we’ve discovered that this approach is far more accurate and offers incremental learnings about frequency and cross-device dynamics.

    While Crossix is primarily focused on healthcare and OTC/CPG campaigns, this research has cross-industry applications for all marketers who need to understand the unique reach of their campaign and want to truly understand ROI.

  • DHC Spring Summit – May 8, 2017 (Jersey City, NJ)

    Session Title: Brand Safety Considerations in Programmatic Media Buy

    Bob Palmer (Moderator) – EVP, Digital Innovation Officer, JUICE Pharma
    Dan Stein – SVP, Product Strategy, Crossix
    Steve Nunez – Sales Director, Everyday Health, Inc.
    Zach Gursky – Head of Programmatic Advertising, SLACK Inc.

  • PMSA – April 23-26, 2017 (Orlando, FL)

    Session Title: Enhancing Pharmaceutical Digital Campaign Measurement Using Real-World Evidence Data

    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions
    Matt McKinley – Consulting Director, Client Solutions, Optum

    Over the past four years and for over 50 brands, Crossix has been the leading innovator in digital campaign measurement within the pharmaceutical industry. Our work has led the pharmaceutical industry to move away from flawed proxy metrics such as customer survey and website clicks to instead directly link digital media exposure to diagnosis and treatment-based clinical metrics.

    In this study, Crossix and Optum present a meta-analysis of 20 recent digital campaigns. These campaigns span a wide range of therapeutic categories, and form a mix of branded and unbranded campaigns. This analysis is performed at the campaign/publisher level and is focused on display and video advertising across both desktop and mobile devices.

    After the meta-analysis, we will show the impact of enhanced real-world evidence clinical data on digital measurement, specifically; this data supplements mid-campaign audience quality to better predict end of campaign conversion, and it provides insights at key points along the patient journey.

  • DTC National – April 7, 2017 (Boston, MA)

    Session Title: Harnessing the Power of New Analytics

    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions
    Dori Cappola – SVP, Media, Klick

    This pharmaceutical case study will demonstrate the innovative ways that brands are leveraging expanded health data sets (beyond just Rx), as well as the fresh approaches that can be utilized in digital marketing analytics. In this session, learn how you can apply these insights to your brand to fundamentally reimagine how you plan, measure, and optimize your digital campaigns across a variety of platforms, including display, video, and mobile.

  • DHC West Coast Summit – March 20, 2017 (San Francisco, CA)

    Session Title: The Use of Data to Improve Media and Creative Optimization

    Ira Haimowitz – Crossix Solutions (Moderator)
    Sam Johnson – Intouch Solutions
    Ben Clark – Genentech
    Bill Drummy – Heartbeat Digital

  • ePharma – March 7, 2017 (New York, NY)

    Session Title: Broader, Deeper, Faster, Better - Innovations in Digital Measurement

    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions

    The digital media landscape is changing rapidly, and the ways in which brands measure their campaigns are evolving in exciting ways as well. This breakthrough case study will explore the innovative ways that a pharma brand leveraged clinical data sets (e.g., diagnosis, lab results) for the first time to measure its digital media with greater breadth, depth, speed, and accuracy.

    Session Title: Programmatic in Healthcare? Why Now is the Time.

    Chris Neuner – SVP/GM of Digital Health Solutions, PulsePoint
    Brad Rosenhouse – GVP, Programmatic, Publicis Health Media
    Steve Nunez – Strategic Director for Programmatic Rx Partnership, EverydayHealth.com
    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions

    As programmatic firmly establishes itself as an effective and efficient way of buying and selling digital advertising across verticals, the healthcare industry is just starting the 1st inning. Join a panel of industry experts as they uncover who the players are in the space, the guidelines they're using and how programmatic technology can improve this underrepresented/underserved category.

  • MM&M Webinar – March 1, 2017 (Online)

    Session Title: Think You're Using the Right Health Data? Think Again.

    Brian Cain – Executive Director, Commercial Insights & Analytics and Salesforce Operations, Celgene
    Glenn Roginski – Integrated Marketing Director - Digital & Programmatic Media Leader, J&J
    Ziv Yarr – Partner, McKinsey & Company
    Jeremy Mittler – VP, Industry Solutions, Crossix

    As the need to demonstrate improved patient outcomes and better business results intensifies across the healthcare landscape, understanding how to harness the power of data is more imperative than ever before. In this in-depth discussion, industry thought leaders will share their perspectives on the many new opportunities being driven by the ability to connect a multitude of health and non-health data sets in unique, innovative, and HIPAA-compliant ways.


  • NYHBL Privacy Panel – December 13, 2016 (New York, NY)

    Session Title: Privacy Please — How Healthcare Is Managing Cyber Risk

    Asaf Evenhaim – Co-founder and CEO, Crossix Solutions

    What is keeping healthcare CEOs up at night? The threat of cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is one of the most critical issues facing healthcare executives across the ecosystem. From HIPAA breaches to medical identity theft to safeguarding intellectual property, protection from cyber attacks has become an urgent imperative. During this discussion, the panelists will cover the current legal, regulatory, business and technological environment and explore options for effective management for senior management and boards of directors.


  • Digital Pharma East – October 24 - 27, 2016 (Philadelphia, PA)

    Session Title: Five Things You Don't Know, But Should About Digital Media Measurement

    Ira Haimowitz – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions

    Pharmaceutical marketers are shifting increasing levels of their media spend to digital. Furthermore, digital campaigns have become more complex, covering dozens of concurrent media partners and a wide range of targeting strategies, formats, device types, and content areas.

  • DTC Forum on TV & Print – October 27 - 28, 2016 (Philadelphia, PA)

    Session Title: Tune In: TV Planning & Optimization Insights You Won't Want to Miss

    Dan Stein – SVP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions

    TV planning and optimization have come a long way in recent years due to increasing demands for greater accountability and advances in media technology. This session will cover a handful of data-driven insights about best practices, helping you understand how to reach qualified health audiences more efficiently and measure your TV campaigns with confidence.

  • DHC Fall Summit – October 11, 2016 (Bridgewater, NJ)

    Session Title: Game-Changing Mobile Measurement Insights

    Shannon Gallagher – VP, Analytics Services, Crossix Solutions

    Crossix is among the first in the industry to measure real world lift in Rx sales as a result of mobile campaigns. And over the years, we’ve gained a lot of valuable insights from the campaigns we have measured.

  • PoC3 Summit – October 4, 2016 (New York, NY)

    Asaf Evenhaim – VP, Analytics Solutions, Crossix Solutions


  • 4INFO Webinar – September 26, 2016 (Online)

    Shannon Gallagher – VP, Analytics Solutions, Crossix Solutions
    Chuck Moxley – Chief Marketing Officer, 4INFO


  • PMSA – April 17 - 20, 2016 (Las Vegas, NV)

    Session Title: Look No Further! Uncovering Field Force Efficiencies by Harnessing the Power of Patient Data

    Ira J. Haimowitz, Ph.D. – VP, Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions

    Traditionally, pharma brands have developed their HCP target lists based on physician prescribing data at both an individual and territory level. Now, new methodologies have emerged that leverage patient-level Rx transactional and behavioral data, to create more qualified cohorts of doctors that empower brands to reconfigure and maximize their field force strategies, and by extension, their sales force plans as well. In this presentation, Crossix will explore the methodology behind this innovative approach and share a case study that demonstrates how a pharma brand leveraged actual patient Rx behavioral data to improve salesforce planning and goal-setting.

  • DTC National – April 19 - 21, 2016 (Boston, MA)

    Session Title: What’s New in Programmatic? Mobile Hypertargeting & Campaign Measurement Fueled by Rx Data

    April 20th | 3:30pm-4:00pm

    Shannon Gallagher – VP, Analytics Services, Crossix Solutions
    Chris Colella – Director of Pharmaceutical Business, 4INFO

    According to Pew Research Center, 62% of smartphone owners have used their phone to look up health information. It should be no surprise then that healthcare marketers are seeking new and better ways to reach relevant health audiences on mobile devices. Fortunately, there is a new approach that allows for greater media efficiency and ultimately drives meaningful ROI. By leveraging advanced predictive analytics, marketers can serve hyper-targeted programmatic media on mobile devices with targeted scale.

  • ePharma – February 29 - March 2, 2016 (New York, NY)

    Session Title: Harnessing the Power of Programmatic with Breakthrough Audience Targeting February 29th | 11:45am

    Duncan Clegg – Product Management Supervisor, Crossix Solutions

    Traditionally, pharma marketers have targeted digital audiences using demo/geo and contextual-based approaches. While these approaches have been helpful in reducing media waste, they are still not the most efficient and effective way to reach the right audiences. Residing at the exciting intersection of data, analytics, technology and digital media, Crossix’s programmatic audience targeting solution enables pharma marketers – and the agencies that work with them – to identify, reach and engage with relevant online audiences based on predictive health data. This new, privacy-safe approach has proven to be a powerful tool in pharma marketers’ media planning arsenal.

    Session Title: All's Well That is Measured Well: Game-Changing Digital Analytics at Your Fingertips
    March 2nd | 2:00pm

    Shannon Gallagher – VP Analytics Services, Crossix Solutions

    With the rapid rise of data-driven programmatic media buying, understanding the impact and efficiency of digital campaigns has become more important than ever before. Traditionally, digital campaigns have been measured by engagement metrics, like impressions and clicks, alone. However, these KPIs are not necessarily indicative of or correlated to a campaign’s true impact. New disruptive analytics methodologies have emerged that allow pharma marketers to leverage more predictive and proven leading indicators earlier in a campaign’s lifecycle, while better understanding incremental sales and ROI.


  • PEPP – November 5 - 6, 2015 (Philadelphia, PA)

    Session Title: Into the Deep: How a Top Pharma Brand Harnessed Advanced Analytics to Understand POC Program Impact Across Multiple Dimensions
    November 5th | 3:15pm

    Lindsey Azzaretti – Analytics Services Manager, Crossix Solutions

    Rx brands have traditionally leveraged physician-focused measurement approaches to better understand the performance of their POC campaigns. This approach has indeed yielded useful insights, but it has also obscured the true patient impact of these programs and limited brands’ ability to derive more granular learnings essential for campaign optimization But now, patient-centric, privacy-safe methodologies exist that enable marketers to go beyond physician prescribing data to capture patient impact for a true representation of campaign effectiveness and ROI. Many factors ultimately contribute to the success of a POC program, including type of tactic, vendor, frequency of exposure, and patient & physician profiles. Beyond understanding how their POC programs perform overall, it’s imperative that brands understand how each dimension of the program performs relative to and in concert with each other. In this provocative session, you will discover how a pharma brand utilized innovative patient-level Rx analytics to plan, measure, and optimize a multidimensional POC campaign.

  • Digital Pharma East – September 29- October 2, 2015 (Philadelphia, PA)

    Session Title: Think You Know How Your Brand Website is Performing? Think Again.
    October 1st | 11:40am

    Dan Stein – SVP, Analytics Services & Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions
    Cam Bedford –SVP, Strategy & Analytics, Klick Health

    The recent convergence of Big Data, emerging technology and privacy-safe analytics methodologies has introduced new and exciting digital opportunities, enabling DTC marketers to understand the performance of their websites in ways previously not possible.


  • Digital Health Coalition: Disrupt – June 25, 2015 (New York, NY)

    Session Title: The Power of Predictive Data for Programmatic Buying

    Shannon Gallagher – VP, Analytics Services, Crossix Solutions

    The healthcare industry can now leverage programmatic buying and predictive data to create more efficient digital campaigns. Crossix will present a brief description of how this methodology works, and then share a case study from a top 10 pharma brand who found that advanced Rx-based metrics are essential to understanding true media performance.

  • ARF: Audience Measurement – June 14-16, 2015 (New York, NY)

    Session Title: Reach the Right TV Viewers to Drive Pharma ROI

    Dan Stein – SVP, Analytics Services & Product Strategy, Crossix Solutions
    Leslie Wood – Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions
    Sam Deutsch – Director, Client Consulting, Nielsen Catalina Solutions

    While other industries have swiftly adopted the latest data & technology to better target TV audiences, Pharma advertisers have been more reluctant, largely due to HIPAA privacy constraints and a general aversion to taking risks. But the paradigm is shifting now, as new privacy-safe targeting approaches emerge. Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), which has a proven track record in TV analytics innovation across various industries, and Crossix Solutions, the leader in consumer-centric healthcare analytics, have combined their data assets and technology to transform the way Pharma optimizes TV. This client case study illustrates how advanced predictive analytics can link TV viewing audiences to privacy-safe healthcare data to enable Rx drug brands to target relevant audiences more efficiently and ultimately drive meaningful, incremental ROI.

  • PMSA – April 19-22, 2015 (Arlington, VA)

    Session Title: How Predictive Data Analytics is Powering the Future of DTC TV Media
    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 | 11:00am - 11:40am EDT

    Crossix Speakers:
    Shannon Gallagher – VP, Analytics Services
    Whitney Kemper – Director, Analytics Products

    As pharma marketing continues to evolve with the more widespread adoption of digital, mobile, social and other emerging media, one phenomenon remains the same: TV is still the dominant force in DTC. And as TV continues to command the lion’s share of DTC media budgets, pharma marketers are encountering increased scrutiny and accountability in optimizing their TV buys and proving return on their TV investment. With all its dominance, TV is still considered a mass medium with significant media waste not reaching the intended target audience.  Finally, pharma marketers can overcome the traditional constraints in their ability to leverage the newer targeting technologies & methodologies that other verticals have taken advantage of, largely due to the more stringent consumer privacy mandates endemic to pharma. Applying these targeting capabilities to TV unlocks opportunities for the more accountable and efficient use of TV based on predictive and advanced analytics linking consumer audiences to healthcare data.

    Session Title: Beyond the Status Quo: Innovation in HCP Targeting
    Monday, April 20, 2015 | 11:20am - 1:20pm EDT
    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 | 11:40am - 1:40pm EDT

    Crossix Speaker:
    Whitney Kemper – Director, Analytics Products

    Stop by our poster session to explore how leveraging robust patient and consumer behavioral data - in concert with HCP prescribing data - can drive meaningful improvements and measurable returns for a brand's HCP-focused activation efforts.

    You'll have a chance to ask questions about methodology, results, and anything else related to HCP targeting!


  • DTC National 2015 – April 7 - 9, 2015 (Washington, D.C.)

    Crossix Presenter:
    Jeremy Mittler – SVP, Analytics Services and Product Strategy
    Nielsen Catalina Solutions Presenter:
    John Stermer – EVP, Business Development

    Session Title: The Future of Television – Maximize Media Planning with Game-Changing Analytics

    While the industry is diversifying its advertising portfolio to include more and more digital campaigns, TV is still the number one player in pharma advertising. Now, pharma can achieve the same level of efficiency and financial benefit that CPG campaigns have been achieving for years. Technology now allows marketers to utilize data and insights they need to make more informed – and ultimately more impactful – decisions to improve TV performance, while remaining privacy safe.

  • TV Optimization Webinar – December 10, 2014 (Online)

    Replay Webinar Now! Crossix Presenter: Jeremy Mittler – VP, Analytics Services

    Session Title: A New Rx for Pharma TV Campaigns

    Since the age of the blockbuster drugs in the late 90s, TV has been a staple advertising channel for pharmaceutical marketers. Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) and Crossix have collaborated to revolutionize the way you can plan and optimize your TV media. This innovative solution allows you to supplement demographic and geographic viewer data with key insights to help define and reach the right consumers for your brand. As a result, you can better reach your high-value audience segments, and drive incremental Rx and OTC sales.
    In this webinar, we will walk you through a pharma brand case study that showcases how the solution allowed our client to optimize their campaign and drive sales.  

  • Digital Pharma East – October 21-24, 2014 (Philadelphia)

    Crossix Presenter: Shannon Gallagher – VP, Analytics Services
    Session Title: The Time is Now! Utilize Programmatic Buying and Predictive Data to Power Your DTC Digital Campaigns

  • POC National – September 30-October 1, 2014 (Baltimore)

    Crossix Panelist: Asaf Evenhaim – Co-founder and CEO
    Panel Title: Empowering Your POC Programs Through Effective Impact Measurement

  • DTC National – April 22-24, 2014 (Washington, D.C.)

    Crossix Presenter: Dan Stein – SVP, Analytics Services and Product Strategy
    Session Title: The TV Revolution is Here! Pharma’s Big Data Opportunity in the World of Targeted TV