Core Values

Our mission is to lead with privacy-safe technology and analytics to drive better health outcomes

  • One Team

    We truly win when we do it as a team, collaboratively.
  • Break Down Barriers

    To create and win with new solutions, we continuously challenge ourselves to innovate. It's not easy being first to market, but often it's the most impactful and rewarding.
  • Focus on Customers

    We win by never losing focus on what's best for our customers. We listen to their challenges and deliver the best solutions to meet their needs. We don't oversell or overpromise. We earn our success.
  • Every Detail Matters

    We pride ourselves on super high standards in everything we do - from how we work and communicate with each other, to our technology, products and client interactions, we never take our reputation for granted.
  • Curious & Kind

    We push ourselves and coworkers to do our best work. We ask questions, explore different points of views and have passionate debates - while respecting each other at all times.
  • Enjoy What You Do

    We do our best work when we enjoy what we do and have fun along the way. Life's too short otherwise.