• HCP Site Measurement: Why it Matters
    Ira Haimowitz, PhD, VP, Product Strategy
    NOVEMBER 1, 2018

    Who is visiting HCP websites and what is the impact on prescribing behavior? Here’s what we’ve learned by connecting HCP website visitation to health care data.

  • AI in Healthcare Marketing: A New Data Frontier
    Sara Aby, PhD, Senior Data Scientist
    OCTOBER 2, 2018

    By “teaching” computer algorithms to learn from data, a door has opened for new technologies to emerge that can act and adapt without human intervention.

  • Health Changes Everything

    Phil Ripperger, VP, Business Development
    September 13, 2018

    Pioneering marketers are turning to privacy-safe health data to reach valuable and often elusive consumers that they might otherwise overlook.

  • Three Key Trends for Optimizing Brand.com Engagement
    Ira Haimowitz, PhD, VP, Product Strategy
    AUGUST 13, 2018

    Technology and big data have created new ways for brand marketers to better understand their site visitor behavior and the impact of their website on patients’ actions.

  • Do You Know Where Your Audience Synergies Are?
    Shannon Gallagher, VP, Analytics Services
    JULY 18, 2018

    By effectively leveraging third-party measurement solutions, pharmaceutical brands can gain a more holistic view of cross-channel campaigns and their impact on new prescriptions and adherence.

  • Putting Patients at the Center of POC Measurement
    Jeremy Mittler, VP, Industry Solutions
    JUNE 22, 2018

    Technology is changing the Point-of-Care (POC) space, and advanced analytics are helping brands measure POC impact more precisely than ever before.

  • Protecting Privacy in a Connected World
    Asaf Evenhaim, Co-Founder & CEO
    APRIL 5, 2018

    I believe passionately in the life-changing value that data can provide to improve health outcomes – but equally passionately in the need to protect the privacy of the patients we are working to help.

  • Beyond Geotargeting: Choosing Quality Over Quantity
    Whitney Kemper, Senior Director, Analytics Products
    MARCH 13, 2018

    As access to increasingly sophisticated digital targeting techniques grows, there’s a need to better align targeting efforts with the goal of reaching both the HCP and their relevant patients simultaneously.

  • HCP Digital Measurement: It's Time for a New Approach
    Ira Haimowitz, PhD, VP, Product Strategy
    OCTOBER 2, 2017

    Marketers can reach any physician, at any time, on any device, across a variety of consumer and professional channels, but are they are reaching the right HCPs?

  • Case Study: The Impact of Digital Media on Patient Behavior
    Ira Haimowitz, Vice President, Product Strategy
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

    Brand marketers spend countless hours identifying the publishers and channels that will best reach and engage patients. But what’s the true campaign impact on patient behavior and health outcomes?