A revolutionary targeting solution that helps marketers confidently reach HCPs across the full digital landscape at scale, beyond HCP-focused opt-in sites.

Traditionally, reaching HCPs online at scale has been limited by the inherent challenges of connecting offline HCP information with online digital identities. Because HCPs leverage their personal information in addition to their professional information online, most approaches miss opportunities to reach their qualified targets.

To address these limitations, Crossix and Acxiom developed Crossix Programmatic HCP™, an innovative approach that connects both consumer and professional data with LiveRamp's anonymous online identity information. This unique combination of data and technology enables marketers to reach their intended HCP audiences beyond just HCP-focused websites on multiple devices, in a substantially more accurate, comprehensive, and scalable way.

Key Benefits

  • Greater accuracy than traditional approaches that leverage engagement with HCP content or IP-based matching as proxies for identifying HCPs
  • Ability to serve media to qualified audiences across the full breadth of digital media platforms and devices
  • Increased reach and scale of relevant HCPs, including specialists
  • Improved campaign efficiency & ROI  
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