Crossix's analytics make healthcare marketers smarter


Crossix empowers healthcare marketers in ways that others can't

  • The healthcare industry’s leading analytics firm fueled by a fundamentally
    unique technology platform and an unrivaled breadth of data assets
  • Founded in 2004 with a specific focus on analytics, a mission to innovate,
    and a commitment to providing superior client service
  • Clients across the healthcare spectrum — All the top 25 pharma, the leading
    media agencies, the biggest publishers and media companies, and more
  • Multichannel consumer & HCP expertise — spanning TV, Digital, Mobile,
    Search, Site, Point of Care, CRM and more
  • Proprietary network of health and non-health data covering over 250
    million U.S. consumers (76% of the U.S. population)

Moving the industry forward

Crossix provides proven solutions for business and marketing optimization. We’re committed to helping companies better understand and more effectively reach their audiences, analyze health outcomes, measure sales lift, and maximize program ROI. While others claim to do what we do, only Crossix possesses the proven experience and expertise across a wide breadth of clients, channels, and campaigns.

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We leverage our proprietary network, patented analytics methodology, and game-changing technology to do what others can’t: Connect any company, brand or campaign data set to actual health and non-health data.

  • Crossix leverages predictive analytics to improve targeting

    Apply predictive analytics to improve audience reach and activation

  • Crossix analyzes audience treatment profiles by condition, drug class and/or brand

    Analyze audience treatment profiles by condition, drug class and/or brand

  • Crossix measures conversion and adherence impact against a control

    Measure conversion and adherence impact against a control

  • Crossix generates actionable insights to support strategic decisions

    Generate actionable insights to drive strategic decisions

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Crossix has an unrivaled track record of innovation.

Crossix has been responsible for many pharmaceutical marketing innovations Industry innovations

First to use predictive Rx analytics for digital & TV campaign targeting

First to deliver broad digital & TV campaign measurement based on Rx data

First consumer-focused measurement at the Point of Care

First to provide competitive market data for Rx savings offers

First to guarantee delivery of standard analyses in 15 business days or less

First to analyze paid search with actual Rx data

First to offer household-level Rx analytics––essential for measuring caregiver engagement

First to link cross-channel analyses to actual Rx data

First to connect Rx, OTC, medical claims, EHR and consumer data in a privacy-safe way


Crossix goes beyond the data

Delivering proven value to the healthcare industry

We’re not a data broker––we’re a strategic partner that leverages analytics to advance your business. Our team has conducted 25,000+ analyses across dozens of therapeutic categories and 200+ brands. Plus, we've partnered with other market-leading data and measurement companies to develop game-changing solutions.

Crossix delivers real value to the healthcare industry

Insights every step of the way

Crossix doesn’t rely on response data alone to measure campaign impact. To understand the true value of a campaign, we analyze exposure information and deliver insights for each stage of the patient journey. And our ability to measure virtually any channel means we won’t undervalue multichannel efforts.

Crossix provides insights every step of the way

The largest, most privacy-sensitive companies choose Crossix

For many of the world’s top healthcare companies, consumer marketing analytics begin and end with Crossix. They feel confident using our methodology because it offers the most stringent, HIPAA-compliant privacy safeguards in the market.

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