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  • TV

    TV Impact™ measures how TV campaigns impact health behaviors.
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  • POC

    POC Impact™ links
    Point-of-Care efforts to patient actions.
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  • HCP Marketing

    HCP Impact™ measures the impact of personal and non-personal promotions.
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  • Print

    Print Impact™ connects print ad exposure to prescription sales, lab tests and doctor's offce visits.
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  • CRM

    CRM Impact™ measures and supports optimization of your CRM program performance.
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  • Savings Offers

    Rx Offer Impact™ helps you understand and monitor your savings offer's competitive market.
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Data-driven Consumer Profiles

Patient Profile™ provides deeper and richer audience profiles.

Consumer Database Propensity Scoring

Use predictive Rx and OTC data to improve segmentation, so you can customize outbound messaging, optimize communication cadence and more.

Enterprise Empowerment

Imagine having a 360-degree view of your populations exposed to your marketing—across health, demographic, geographic and campaign-engagement attributes. This is what Crossix Now™ delivers. It centralizes your client/partner data feeds in one cloud-based platform, so you can score databases in real time, create more effective segment-driven experiences, and more.

Customized Solutions

Have an unmet business need? Let’s tackle it together. We routinely partner with healthcare companies to find effective solutions to a broad range of challenges, from risk assessment to retail sales analysis to enterprise planning and more.