Job Opportunities

Marketing Data Analyst 

Location | NYC

Job Summary

Analysts quickly gain technical expertise to answer client business questions with actionable data-driven insights. MDAs build experience using analytical language and managing project requirements, and have a meaningful impact on client business outcomes. The role necessitates independent thinking and problem-solving, with the ability to communicate effectively while working closely with a team. The entering class of analysts will receive training and mentorship to develop both technical and industry-specific knowledge. 


Leverage cutting-edge analytics capabilities to help measure and optimize client’s healthcare marketing
  • Utilize appropriate analytics to link marketing exposures to transactional data
  • Execute project requirements, using a logic-based proprietary language alongside SQL and Excel
  • Troubleshoot data anomalies and inconsistencies
Communicate effectively with internal teams
  • Assist in development of project reports and presentations
  • Identify key insights and implications, highlighting major storylines
  • Participate in product development efforts and company-wide initiatives
Employ and develop marketing and healthcare knowledge to better assist clients
  • Work with senior members to apply insights to quantitative findings
  • Communicate effectively with clients and intermediaries as projects require
  • Help provide recommendations to various healthcare and media clients using data-proven insights to  optimize client media campaigns


  • Work with a smart, inspiring team in a high-paced environment at the convergence of Big Data, technology and healthcare
  • Robust training program with emphasis on ongoing mentorship
  • Growing company focused on constant development and innovation
  • Open office environment
  • Highly competitive compensation package


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Quantitative interest, demonstrated through coursework or professional experience
  • Interest in the power of “Big Data”
  • “Can-do” attitude and approach; entrepreneurial self-starter and team player
  • 4 year college degree from top school with strong academic performance
  • Exposure to marketing and/or healthcare a plus; SQL and database experience helpful, but not required


About Crossix Solutions

Crossix provides data-driven solutions for leading healthcare and media companies to plan, measure, and optimize client’s marketing initiatives.  Our proprietary software coupled with our extensive data network allows us to pinpoint how client’s marketing campaigns over digital, TV, website, e-mail, and other platforms are reaching and impacting patient Rx behavior. With deep consumer and healthcare professional expertise, Crossix works closely with our clients to inform strategic business decisions and ultimately, drive improved patient outcomes.
As a growing company, we are rapidly expanding our capabilities and looking to hire engaged, analytical thinkers. We have a thriving company culture, offering activities like company softball, happy hours, and special NYC outings. We promote a hardworking environment where employees are able enjoy a work-life balance. At Crossix, we promote a workplace culture where each employee is encouraged to have an opinion at all stages. Founded in 2004, Crossix is headquartered in New York City. 

To apply, send your resume to careers@crossix.com or contact us