Raising the bar. Again.

Raising the Bar.

Crossix has just completed our largest-ever expansion
of connected health data.
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larger. more powerful. dynamically different.

Crossix has always been differentiated through our best-in-class technology that makes connections across data sets to deliver high-value analytics. Recently, we completed our largest-ever expansion of health data, not just in terms of volume, but in its uniqueness as well. Part of this growth derives from our new partnership with Optum, a UnitedHealth Group company. Other parts of growth involve other significant healthcare organizations.

Comprised of more than 250 million U.S. consumers, our data platform now enables unique applications that other healthcare analytics providers simply cannot replicate - they don't have the breadth & depth of data, and their technology is designed to prevent connections, not enable them. Our differentiated offerings are made even richer by our unparalleled ability to connect consumer & media data (online & offline) to health behaviors. 
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What our industry colleagues are saying

"The value of deeper clinical data, combined with predictive analytics, can deliver greater insights for life sciences companies to create more valuable customer interactions," said Ed Manko, director of Veeva OpenData strategy at Veeva Systems. "As a member of the Veeva OpenData Partner Program, Crossix and Veeva are working together to provide comprehensive and accurate data across the industry."

"In the past few years, our clients have made significant progress in better understanding the various milestones and nuances along the patient journey," said David Windhausen, executive vice president at Intouch Solutions. Advances in data and technology have been key to this progress, but questions still remain. Many of these questions can now be answered through this expanded, more comprehensive data set that enables a much more granular and holistic view into ever-changing patient dynamics."

"While claims data is certainly useful, there are also limitations when it comes to the granularity of insights you can glean from it," said Dori Cappola, SVP media at Klick Health. "By connecting a greater variety of clinical, lab results, and biologics data, we can track even more key patient milestones across the patient journey, like diagnoses, initial treatment, and adherence for instance, with greater precision and specificity."

What This Means for You

This expansion enables your brand to understand audiences & optimize campaigns like never before. With this expanded, connected data set, our enhanced solutions offer the ability to better understand patient behaviors and campaign performance across the following:
  • An expanded set of specialty drugs, including Biologics
  • Oncology treatments
  • Rare diseases & low-incidence conditions
  • Medical devices
  • Hospital records
  • Lab data (orders & results) combined with clinical data
  • Insurer-sourced claims to ensure perfect coverage at the patient level

Sample Use Case

A diabetes brand can now track even more key patient milestones, for a more comprehensive and actionable view across the entire patient journey. This is just one of many possible use cases enabled by this exciting data expansion.